Jeff Grainger – Sinatra/Producer

Jeff’s fascination with Sinatra started during his college days. He always loved to sing and imitate various artists, but then a friend of his gave him a Sinatra album that changed his life.  From then on he immersed himself in Sinatra, practicing his techniques and perfecting his phrasings.  Jeff did love to perform, but his first love was sports and he became one of Michigan’s top distance runners, competing at the collegiate level, then post-collegiate placing high in several prominent marathon races in the 90’s.

His love of performing Sinatra continued to grow with age, performing at friend’s weddings and then progressing to various other venues.  People started taking notice and realizing that he was actually singing the songs (when the audience thought it was the real Sinatra). Grainger continues to perform to audiences’ delight and splendor in amazement.  He is also a veteran Rat Pack performer, where he first met his band the Hoboken 11.  He now brings his solo Sinatra tribute act to honor this great Legend and keep his legacy going.